Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Interview Questions

Robotic Process Automation

Robots are here to stay. The faster you harvest their potential, the faster you create a competitive edge for your business. Robotic Process Automation delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organizations and industries. Designed to perform on a vast range of repetitive tasks, software robots interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems just like humans do. Only substantially better: a robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

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Here are some quick interview questions:-

1. Tell us about your current project framework and tool you are using?
2. What is the process followed in your current organization and what are you contribution to it?
3. How open you are to learning new tools and technologies?
4. What is the RPA Tool did you used and explain the architecture of the Tool?
5. Blue Prism, UI path and Automation anywhere. Which tool you have been using?
6. What is the name of RPA tool you have used, how it is different from others?
7. Have you been involved in migration of data within application, what were the risks faced during this?
8. When would you decide if a process or application is good for RPA?
9. How would you rate yourself in problem solving through flowcharts and diagrams?
10. What kind of approach you have been following for error handling and log maintenance.
11. How you are handling Infrastructure failures in RPA enabled environments?
12. What kind of scenarios have you been working on with RPA? (It can be with any tool)
13. What are some common terminologies used in today’s RPA environment.
14. Do you have experience in AI & Machine Learning capability? Where have you implemented the same?
15. Do you have any scripting experience? If yes, tell us more about it. Where did you use it in your project?
16. How do we make sure the dynamic controls in a web page are handled effectively using RPA?
17. Have you used try catch statements in your existing automation framework? How you have been using it?
18. How will you update some data into the two applications simultaneously using your RPA tool?
19. Can we handle system folder structures with help of RPA?
20. Do you have any experience in calling web services through any RPA tool?
21. How can we handle excel sheets with the help of RPA tools?
22. Tell us about report generation in RPA and how can we do it?
23. How do handle the String Operations in your RPA Process?
24. Explain the steps to achieve the Email Automation?
25. What are documents you used for created for your RPA process?
26. Explain about RPA Source Code Management?

Some of the questions above would be followed by cross questions. Which is understandable!

Happy Hunting 🙂


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